Motorcycle Fatality Accidents in Texas

Every day in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Transportation, a fatal motorcycle accident takes place. This is a sobering fact indeed, but it is compounded even more by the way in which it can be reinterpreted. Somewhere in Texas every single day, there is a family that suffers the loss of a loved one due to a motorcycle accident. If your family has suffered this kind of incredibly tragic occurrence, the motorcycle accident lawyers with our law firm can help you. We can investigate the scene of the tragic accident so that you can get the truth behind what happened to your loved one, and make sure that all liable parties that played a role in causing the accident are properly determined and made to face justice for their negligent actions. When a responsible party’s negligence leads to the death of someone in an accident, the surviving family members of the deceased can initiate a wrongful death civil lawsuit against the responsible party or parties in order to obtain fair restitution for both survival damages and wrongful death damages.motorcycle accident attorneys

In regard to a survival damages lawsuit, only one family member can try to obtain survival damages on behalf of the deceased motorcyclist. However, multiple members of the family can seek wrongful death damages to compensate for the monetary losses they might have incurred due to the death of their loved one. But seeking fair compensation is not the only reason that many wrongful death lawsuits are pursued. The pursuit of restitution is a necessary component of a wrongful death suit and serves the purpose of helping the family overcome the financial losses that have been incurred as the result of the accident. However, this kind of suit also serves the purpose of holding those parties responsible for the accident accountable, and helping to make sure their negligent actions do not cause another family to experience this kind of tragedy.

Before initiating any form of legal action, however, it is strongly recommended that a grieving family get in touch with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney so that a thorough investigation can be launched. This investigation will look into the tragic accident in order to determine those responsible for causing it. Each responsible party can be sued for the role it played in either contributing to the accident or causing the accident. The attorneys with our law firm have 20 years of experience in investigating the scenes of fatal motorcycle accidents. As a result, we know all the complexities involved with vehicle accident scenes and know when it is appropriate to dig deeper into the cause so that all of the parties responsible are identified and held accountable. By doing so, we can work together to make sure those responsible for your pain and loss are brought to justice.

Motorcycle Accidents in Texas Involving Drunk Drivers

Motorcycle accidents that involve a drunk driver, just as automobile accidents that involve drunk driving, can result in a lawsuit being filed against the negligent drinking establishment that over-served the patron who caused the accident. According to dram shop law in Texas, an establishment that serves a patron to the point that he or she exceeds a .08 blood alcohol content, or BAC, level, and that patron injures himself or herself, or someone else can be held partly liable for the drunk driving accident. For example, a plaintiff can initiate a first-party dram shop cause of action if a drunken motorcyclist hurts himself or herself by wrecking the bike. If a drunk automobile driver causes an accident, then a third-party dram shop cause of action can be pursued. Either way, if the drunk driver became intoxicated because he or she was served past the point of intoxication at a drinking establishment before causing the accident, an injury victim can seek restitution from that negligent drinking establishment. In a third-party dram shop cause of action, the injured victim can seek restitution from the drunk driver as well as the alcohol-serving establishment. These same kinds of liability issues apply to cases where a wrongful death has crash lawyers

Determining that a person was served past the point of intoxication at an alcohol-serving establishment prior to causing a drunk motorcycle accident, however, can be very difficult for people who have no legal experience or inexperienced lawyers. The attorneys with our law firm have two decades of experience in handling drunk driving accident cases throughout Texas. We are intimately familiar with Texas dram shop laws and we can help you hold all responsible parties accountable.

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